Avarice is Cool

Low-cost suppliers are everywhere. Especially on the internet. One makes it even more cost-effective than the other and the third straight for free. Big providers advertise with highly skilled translators who say they have nothing to do but sit around and wait for an urgent weekend job to come in. At the lowest prices, mind you.

At the beginning of this year, the German economy complained about the stinginess-is-geile mentality. The invention of an electronics retail chain, which presumably has met the spirit of the times.

Translations with online programs. Translations directly in the code, so you can save the layout and control. Translations at absolute minimum prices. Rock Bottom is called that. From rotten meat to gammel translation.

Both are just as poisonous. One for the body, the other for the company. The consumer has noticed. The economy too?

The translation is your figurehead. Your business card. Would you print them on wrapping paper and cut them out with scissors?

Since mid-2015, quality is important. Those looking for low-cost providers, pay twice. Buying cheap is expensive, say the Dutch. Goedkoop is duurkoop.

You have to know.

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